This project involved the construction of an industrial subdivision within the north Canterbury township of Amberley.

The wastewater reticulation included 650 lineal meters of 225dia uPVC sewer trunk main laid at grades of less than 0.5%. The truck main was installed at an average depth to invert of > 3.5m. Sections of the trunk main traversed across existing carriageways, therefore significant services were encounted. Certified trenching shields were utilised to ensure safety was not compromised during construction. Frequent compaction testing was conducted along the pipe line to prove specified quality measures were consistently being adhered too.

The site mainly consisted of clays and alluvial gravels, therefore the clay content provided a significant challenge during construction throughout the winter months.

Strategic planning and specific methodologies were derived and implemented to manage the in-situ site conditions. Additional to the sewer reticulation, approximately 200 lineal meters of 300 and 225dia stormwater pipework was installed. Common “soakpit” and “raingarden” stormwater devices were also constructed and connected to the piped stormwater reticulation. The watermain consisted of 650 lineal meters of 125OD PE100 pipework. Sections of the watermain were required to be installed outside of the development.

In excess of 500m2 of asphaltic footpath pavement was constructed. Roading works consisted of 2,160m2 of carriageway construction and 700m2 of ROW construction. As the development was zoned industrial, stringent quality measures were required for the carriageway compaction. Beam results were required to be < 1.0mm in deflection.

Client: Amberley Business Park Ltd

Andrew Bruerton

(021) 179 0170

Consultant: K F Consilium Ltd

Value: $0.784K

Duration: 2 June 2015 to 7 Sep 2015

Role: Main Contractor