This project involved the supply and installation of a 1350dia pre-cast sewer Pump Station installed at a depth of 5m below finished ground level.

Also included within the project was the installation of both the incoming 150dia gravity pipework and the 110OD PE100 outgoing rising main.

The pump station was installed to service two newly constructed residential developments within the suburb of Wigram, Christchurch.

The sewer pump station and associated pipework was located on the edge of an existing live carriageway. Hence robust traffic control was required to ensure the safe passage of the public whilst ensuring the safety of Phoenix staff during the construction.

All electrical works including telemetry control back to CCC’s main waste water treatment plant hub located at Bromley was also included within the contract.

Existing services were encounted at the PS and along the pipe routes which were managed by “hot-holing” and positively identifying the services prior to the pipe line installation.

Phoenix utilised a purposely configured certified pump station trench box to install the pump station.

Significant commissioning of the pump station was also undertaken to ensure compliance with strict CCC requirements.

A 2.0m high timber retaining wall of 40m in length was also constructed to provide permanent vehicle access to the sewer pump station.

Client:  Fletcher Living Ltd
Mark Riddell (021) 419 381

Consultant: Davis Ogilvie & Partners                                   

Value: $170K

Duration: 01 Aug 2016 to 28 Oct 2016

Role: Main Contractor