This project involved the construction and integration of a new bore raw water supply system into the existing Birdlings Flat WTP.

The project involved the supply and installation of twin 4,000m PE100 DN50 PN12.5 raw water transfer pipelines between the bore site and the WTP. Included in the project were the connections to the existing WTP and numerous air valve and pulling pit structures along the pipe route. The In-situ material and landscape encounted in Birdlings Flat required precise accurate control of pipe inverts as the pipeline was laid to grades in excess of 1:1000 and ground conditions were of a course aggregate with little to no fines in nature.

Additionally there was a fibre cable laid within a cable duct along the entire pipe route to enable the new bore/raw water site to communicate with the Birdlings Flat WTP.

A 6m x 3m pump house building was also constructed to house twin 7.5kW raw water booster pumps, an electrical switchboard, pipeline instrumentation equipment and mechanical pipework.

SCADA telemetry works were also conducted to enable specified data and operational control of the Birdlings Flat WTP back at Christchurch City Councils SCADA control centre located at the Bromley WWTP site.

Spartan also undertook comprehensive commissioning of the pipework pre livening. This involved the pigging, flushing, chlorination and pressure testing of the line to 12.5bar.

Client: Christchurch City Council
Ross Julian (03) 941 5246

Consultant: PDP Ltd

Value: $0.733m

Duration: 15 Oct 2014 to 20 Apr 2015

Role: Main Contractor