This project involved the construction of a 42 Lot residential subdivision within the township of Te Awamutu.

Earthworks consisted of 25,500m3 of cut to fill and a further 14,100m3 of imported pit sand.

The wastewater reticulation included 743 lineal meters of 160dia uPVC sewer trunk main laid at grades as flat as 0.5%. The truck sewer main was installed between 3.5m – 1.5m in depth. Certified trenching shields were utilised to ensure safety was not compromised during construction.

Stormwater reticulation consisted of 846m of both uPVC and concrete pipework up to a depth of 3.5m and a maximum diameter of 600mm. Frequent compaction testing was conducted along all pipe line trenches to prove specified quality measures were consistently being adhered too.

A stormwater outfall structure and permanent retention pond were also completed. The permanent stormwater retention pond required a full timber retaining wall structure extending 160 lineal meters with an average retained height of 1.8m. Due to the in-situ ground conditions 225SED H5 posts were required to be installed via post ramming methodology to an embedment depth of 3.5m.

The watermain consisted of 653 lineal meters of 150 – 100uPVC pressure pipework. Sections of the watermain

were required to be installed outside of the development. Three watermain connections were required to connect the newly laid watermain into the existing Council water reticulation.

In excess of 2,400m2 of concrete footpath and vehicle crossings were also constructed.

Road pavement works consisted of 5,800m2 of carriageway construction and 350m2 of ROW construction. Asphaltic Concrete was applied to all the pavement areas.

Client: Chatsfield Properties Ltd
Steven Stark
(021) 479 768

Consultant: CKL Ltd

Value: $2.712M

Duration: 14 Oct 2017 to 30 Aug 2018

Role: Main Contractor