This project involved the construction of a 50 Lot residential subdivision within the existing Cambridge Park Development in Leamington.

Earthworks consisted of 12,500m3 of cut to fill and a further 7,100m3 of cut to fill from an on-site borrow pit.

The wastewater reticulation included 1,190 lineal meters of 160dia uPVC sewer trunk main laid at grades of less than 1.0%. The truck main was installed between 4.0m – 1.5m in depth. Certified trenching shields were utilised to ensure safety was not compromised during construction. Stormwater reticulation consisted of 1,620m of both uPVC and concrete pipework up to a depth of 3.5m. Included in the stormwater construction was a section of 450dia pipework which traversed down an existing gully embankment. To construct this section of pipework temporary benches were excavated to enable the machinery to access and safely excavate the trench line. Large concrete anti-seep collars were also constructed along this section of pipework to prevent long term groundwater scouring of the trench line. Frequent compaction testing was conducted along all pipe line trenches to prove specified quality measures were consistently being adhered too.

A stormwater outfall structure and permanent retention pond were also completed. The permanent stormwater retention pond was situated at the base of an existing gully system which had constant groundwater spring flows. In order to construct the pond a robust sediment and control plan was derived, approved an implemented, which included the bypassing of the live spring flows via a 6” silent dewatering pump.

The watermain consisted of 1,370 lineal meters of 150 – 100uPVC pressure pipework. Sections of the watermain were required to be installed outside of the development.

In excess of 1,200m2 of concrete footpath and vehicle crossings were also constructed.

Roading works consisted of 3,550m2 of carriageway construction and 2,700m2 of ROW construction.

Client: Hinuera Natural Stone Ltd
Graeme Lee
(021) 922 671

Consultant: Nicklin CE Ltd

Value: $1.70M

Duration: 01 Oct 2016 to 30 Apr 2017

Role: Main Contractor