This project involved the construction and commissioning of two water treatment plants within the Selwyn District region due to an increased population growth resulting from the 2011/2012 Christchurch earthquakes. Both sites had a similar design integrating new bore raw water supply systems into the existing water reticulation.

The Moore St WTP site was an existing WTP whereas the Eastfield Dr WTP was a “green fields” site.

Works involved the installation of a 37kW submersible pumps down existing 300ida bore casings. Galvanised 6” threaded riser pipework connected the bore pump to an above ground headworks configuration containing sluice valves, strainers, backflow prevention devices and flow meters. New pipework was installed between the bore headworks and the existing reservoirs. Connections into and out of the existing reservoir were also included within the project.

Prior to the reservoir connection an 1800dia concrete valve chamber was constructed to house electrically actuated valves. Continual water quality monitoring via a turbidity meter determined the operation of the electric actuators, diverting water either to the reservoir or a waste facility dependant on the waters quality.  Also included within the project was the replacement and upgrade of the WTP’s water booster manifold system. A new manifold and larger pump sets were installed to provide an increased supply of water into the town reticulation. In addition to the above works a 6m x 6m and 4m x 3m new electrical and future UV buildings were constructed. The buildings housed all the WTP’s electrical items, including the plants instrumentation devises. All electrical works were also undertaken, including the installation of new switchboards, incorporation of the new and existing instrumentation, and the integration of the new plant’s process and logic into the SDC’s SCADA telemetry system.

Spartan also undertook comprehensive commissioning of the WTP, including dry, wet and final commissioning.

Client: Selwyn District Council
Jeffrey Schrier (03) 347 2845

Consultant: Jacobs Ltd

Value: $1.463m

Duration: 27 Aug 2015 to 03 Feb 2016

Role: Main Contractor